Pattaya was once a small village in Thailand, but with time it has now grown into one of the leading tourist hotspots in Asia. With direct access to the Caribbean Ocean, this beachfront Resort offers spacious accommodations with cable TV and free Wi-Fi in a tropical setting. Sihanoukville also supports an international airport with a troubled history – following a crash in the Cardamom Mountains in 2007 the airport stays ready for service but no flights are scheduled. The plan was for the airport to encourage guests to different major attractions just like the Angkor temples in Siem Reap, to enjoy a seashore vacation on Cambodia’s southern coast.

Six international locations — the U.S., Thailand, Italy, Japan, India and Portugal — every had two cities on the record. Just one surpassed them: Mexico , which had 4 cities putting in the top 25. T+L readers praised facilities such as Mexico City for their colour,